Thursday, November 10, 2011

Goon Covers

These are some covers I flatted for The Goon from Dark Horse Comics, drawn and created by Eric Powell. He's an amazing artist who almost always works in ink wash. I find that some colorists these days, when coloring ink wash, rely on the gray scaled art to do the job. It kind of makes sense because the artist is doing some of the work that usually is done by the colorist, the tones and whatnot.

But these examples illustrate just how much the colorist adds to the artwork. The colorist here being Dave Stewart. The covers looks cool with my primitive flat colors because the drawings are so good. But you can really see how much Dave adds to the whole package with the finished pieces, especially on the second one here, the closeup of the Goon.


  1. I love to see into the process of coloring! I'm a little confused by what you call 'flats'. Does Dave Stewart take your flats and work them into the finished piece? I don't understand why an intermediary step is necessary.
    Thanks for the wonderful insights!

  2. Well, my main contribution is actually just creating selections for all the different pieces that will be coloring seperately. Dave does all the heavy lifting with the painting. What I do is more of a production type job that gives the colorist more time to be creative and not worry about "staying in the lines". The colors that I pick usually have no relation to the end product.