Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Color holds/Color lines process

Another step by step, since I've started assisting with a different aspect of the coloring. I'm still helping the award winning Dave Stewart color his comics. This black and white artwork is by the amazing, one of a kind Geof Darrow. This is Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot from Dark Horse Presents vol. 4 issue 1. Click here to see the B/W Full size, to see just how nutty the detail is. And click the captions beneath the other pics to get the full sizes of those.
My first step, the flat colors. Darrow is probably one of the most incredibly detailed comic artists in the world, so flatting his stuff is very difficult. And I have to make sure every detail is colored separately. Because we want the artwork to look that much more amazing in color.

This step of the process is new to me and I'm very excited about it! Beyond just the flatting I've started assisting Dave with line art coloring. If you look closely here you will see that all the water, blood, smoke, tattoos, and some other stuff has been colored.  In the finished product below you will see the depth this adds to the art. These are called color holds. Again, this is pretty demanding what with Darrow's detailed fine line-work.

And finally here we have the finished colored page. Really stunning. In spite of the fact that my contributions are somewhat invisible in the final piece, I'm honored and humbled to be helping guys like this create such beautiful stuff.


  1. hey man. i just want to let you know that your blog is amazing to look at. i really find your stuff helpful and inspiring, and it must be an honor to work with giants such as dave stewart, or geoff. keep it up

  2. This is really amazing. You mentioned that this is a really intensive process for you because it's so detailed. I was wondering if you could share how long it takes you to color a page?

  3. It really depends upon how detailed the art is. I tend to labor over the more complicated art, like Geof Darrow's stuff. Mainly because it's so amazing and deserves the extra attention. So, it can vary from an hour to all day.